Hi, I’m Ellen Coule.

I help brands scale with cash injections and add 7+ figures in recurring revenue.

Because money is the fuel for your business, your goals, and your legacy.


If we haven’t met, here are some things you know about me…


My clients call me The Launch Queen. ?


I love to help mission-driven CEOs reclaim their time and make way more money – by focusing on smart strategies that scale income, impact, and brand awareness.

Because my mama taught me that money = options. And I want you to have more options + a greater ability to change the world and create the legacy you’re meant to.

As an Online Sales Consultant and former Head of Sales for BossBabe, I’ve spent the past 16 years in marketing, sales, and events working with CEOs of 7 & 8-figure brands to create recurring revenue through sustainable sales & marketing strategy.

My specialties include product launches, sales funnels, email marketing, e-commerce, and customer experience (and basically anything that turns your audience into raving fans and loyal buyers). ?

When I’m not working with established brands and top-of-their-industry thought leaders, I also love helping newer business owners create their action plan to reach 6, 7 or 8-figures in revenue.


My strategies have made cool things happen for my clients:


✅ Creating a 7-figure cash injection through an online program launch.

✅ Scaling to a 6-figure cash injection within the first 60 minutes of a launch.

✅ Generating multiple 7-figures in revenue for digital education products.

✅ Skyrocketing from $0 in email marketing revenue to over $250,000 per month consistently within 6 months.

✅ Scaling day 1 launch revenue by 300% (during a pandemic!) over the previous launch of the same product.

✅ Celebrating Top 3 Affiliate status (alongside industry leaders) for Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi’s online mastermind course while generating multiple 6-figures in affiliate revenue over a 2-week launch period.

✅ Using existing content to create a new passive income product, which generated $200,000 in the first two weeks.

✅ Developing a wholesale e-com platform that reduced data entry + fulfillment time.

✅ Creating multiple 6-figure cash injections from a low-cost subscription product, while also adding $50,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue per launch.

✅ Increasing the adoption rate of annual subscription over monthly subscription by 250% over the previous launch.

✅ Highly successful sold-out product launches for the cannabis industry’s top vaporizers and accessories.



Want your business to thrive?


Here’s my vision for our work together… 

By empowering you to create sustainable leveraged income and build the business you’ve been dreaming of, you and I are gonna create a ripple effect that flows into every corner of the cosmic universe.

You’ll have a clear vision and action plan. Your business and impact will expand. You’ll solidify more revenue streams and be able to invest more into your business and the world you live in.

I’m on a mission to help CEOs reclaim their time with smart strategies that scale income, impact, and brand awareness.

Because as my clients’ businesses grow, so do their contributions to the global community – through job creation, thought leadership, direct impact programs, and by funding projects and charities with similar core values.

This is why it’s so important for your business to thrive. As your profits get bigger, your impact will increase.

Drawing from over 15 years of experience in special events, launches, fundraising, service, marketing, and management, my adaptable approach to business pokes holes in the best-laid plans to keep my clients prepared for what’s ahead.

If you’re an inspired entrepreneur who needs to redefine leadership in your niche and galvanize an audience into action, then I’m the partner for you.

I’ve worked with visionaries around the globe (from the USA to Belgium to Hong Kong to Canada to Ireland to Spain to Japan to Mexico to the Philippines to Italy to Ghana… and growing!) to create businesses that positively impact their communities.

If you’re dreaming of building a business to improve the world we live in, put me on your team.


Cheers to building a better world,

Ellen Coule


Ready to get to work? Get in touch!





Fun facts about me:

(so you’ll know if we’ll click ?)


1️⃣ I have 6 years of experience launching award-winning brands and products in the cannabis vaporizers industry. ?

2️⃣ After my sister had emergency brain surgery (she’s totally fine now! ?), I had a major epiphany: Life is way too damn short not to go after your dreams. So I left corporate in 2015 to start writing & consulting for businesses so I could spend more time with family & pursue my passions.

3️⃣ In 2017 I launched LadyBoss Social Club and it quickly became a global community of female entrepreneurs connecting, collaborating, meeting new friends, and finding kindred spirits to do business with. ?

4️⃣ My superpowers include connecting people & creating joyful moments, which is why I love hosting events online – and in-person during “the before times”!

5️⃣ My mission is #EvolvingBusiness. To me, that means collaborating with inspired entrepreneurs to create a higher standard of sustainable, socially-responsible, mission-driven business that changes the world for the best. 

6️⃣ I was accepted into my first medical internship at 12 years old, and I’ve been working since I was 14.

7️⃣ Circa 2005, I was working at a charity fundraiser and Donald Trump literally pushed me out of his way. I immediately yelled “EXCUSE YOU” at him. That should tell you everything you need to know about him & me. ?

8️⃣ The tattoo on my forearm says, “Fight the good fight.” It’s a line I’ve always had on my heart, and after my grandfather passed away (at 96 years young), I found a note in his handwriting with this phrase. It was from a letter to his cousin who was battling cancer. He said, “I know you will fight the good fight. And when my time comes, I hope I’ll be able to say, ‘It’s been one hell of a ride.'”

It struck me so powerfully because (1) She DID fight the good against cancer – and she won! + (2) When his time came to cross the bar, he was absolutely and undoubtedly able to say, “It’s been one hell of a ride.” I got this line inked on me (in his handwriting) as a reminder to always fight the good fight. Because, as my grandpa would say, “It’s better than the alternative.”

And when my time comes, I hope I’ll be able to say, “It’s been one hell of a ride.”





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