We love to write.

Need content created and prefer to be hands-off?

Our team creates content for all aspects of launches and business marketing.

From ebooks to tripwires to email marketing to sales funnels to website copy to press releases to social media to articles to – ::inhale:: – whatever your ultimate goals require. ::exhale::

Content Strategy & Creation

We’ll take care of the entire process including:

  • Content strategy (optional).
  • Full content creation + rounds of edits.
  • Creation of supporting marketing materials.
  • You retain sole authorship credit for all content created.
  • Your level of involvement is entirely up to your discretion with each piece of content. Your notes will help us incorporate your expertise and voice throughout the content, but this step is not required.


Please contact us for custom pricing.

Just need your own writing to be edited and optimized? We can help! Click here for more details.

SAMPLE PRICING: The following prices are to be used only as a guideline for packages in which we are creating content from scratch. Please contact us for custom pricing to reflect the unique needs of your project.

  • Sales Page Copy: $3,000+
  • Sales Funnel Copy packages: $5,000+
  • Email Marketing Campaign Copy & Funnel packages: $5,000+
  • Full Website Copy packages: $5,000+
  • One-page Website Copy package: $1,500+
  • Lead Magnet PDF + Landing Page Copy + Thank You Page Copy: $1,500+
  • Social Media Post packages: 60 posts $1,500; 90 posts $2,000
  • Author bio (< 100 words): $300
  • Short biography (500-750 words): $700


We also offer content implementation, management, and support for top website builders, content management systems, email marketing providers, and social media platforms.

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